White Firestop Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seal Door - 10Packs

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White Firestop Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seal Door - 10Packs
Firestop intumescent fire & smoke door seals, white, 10mm x 4mm x 2100mm, 10-pack, are designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through door gaps. These seals typically expand when exposed to heat, forming a barrier that helps contain fire and smoke within a compartment or room.

Key features of these seals include:

Material: Intumescent material that expands when heated, forming a barrier.
Color: White, which may blend well with door frames or be suitable for aesthetic purposes.
Dimensions: 10mm x 4mm x 2100mm (width x height x length), suitable for standard-sized door frames.
Pack Size: Sold in packs of 10, providing enough seals for multiple doors or installations.
When installing fire and smoke door seals, it's crucial to follow manufacturer instructions carefully to ensure proper functionality during a fire emergency. These seals play a vital role in passive fire protection systems, helping to compartmentalize buildings and prevent the rapid spread of fire and smoke.

White Firestop Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seal Door - 10Packs


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