Multifunctional Pre-compressed Bloco One Foam Tape

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Multifunctional Pre-compressed Bloco One Foam Tape
BLOCO ONE is a special multi-functional all-in-one joint sealing tape with outstanding properties. The ore-compressed tape is 100% airtight at the internal seal area, contributing in minimising heat loss by convection. It also possesses an optimal vapour diffusion gradient from the inside outwards, enhancing the external transmission of moisture, and enabling the joints to dry out quickly.
Pre-compressed Foam: The tapes are typically made of a compressible foam material that expands to fill gaps and provide a tight seal when installed.

Weather Resistance: BLOCO ONE tapes are designed to resist the infiltration of water, air, and external elements, contributing to the overall weatherproofing of buildings.

Ease of Installation: These tapes are often designed for easy and efficient installation, helping to streamline the process of sealing joints and gaps during construction or renovation.

Energy Efficiency: By providing an airtight seal, these tapes can contribute to improving the energy efficiency of buildings by preventing drafts and heat loss.

Versatility: BLOCO ONE tapes may come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different sealing requirements in windows, doors, and other construction elements.

Multifunctional Pre-compressed Bloco One Foam Tape


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