Silicone Rubber Sheet (30° Shore) Ideal for General Purpose Applications

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Exploring the Versatility of General Purpose Silicone Rubber Sheet (30° Shore): A Reliable Solution for Diverse Industries

General-purpose silicone rubber sheet (30° Shore) boasts a myriad of properties that make it a preferred choice for industrial applications:

Flexibility and Elasticity
With its moderate hardness rating of 30° Shore, this silicone rubber sheet offers a perfect balance between flexibility and resilience. It can easily conform to irregular surfaces, making it ideal for sealing applications where adaptability is essential.

Temperature Resistance

Silicone rubber is well-known for its exceptional temperature resistance, and this holds true for the general-purpose variant with a 30° Shore hardness rating. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -60°C to 230°C (-76°F to 446°F), making it suitable for use in both high and low-temperature environments.

Chemical Resistance

General-purpose silicone rubber sheet exhibits excellent resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, solvents, and oils. This property makes it ideal for applications where exposure to harsh substances is common, such as in chemical processing equipment and automotive components.

Electrical Insulation

Silicone rubber is an excellent electrical insulator, making it suitable for use in electrical enclosures, gaskets, and seals. The 30° Shore hardness rating ensures that the material maintains its insulating properties while offering the necessary flexibility for a secure seal.


The versatility of general-purpose silicone rubber sheet (30° Shore) lends itself to a myriad of applications across various industries, including:

Gaskets and Seals
Due to its flexibility, elasticity, and chemical resistance, silicone rubber sheet is commonly used to create gaskets and seals in automotive, aerospace, and industrial equipment.

Electrical Insulation

The excellent electrical insulation properties of silicone rubber make it an ideal choice for insulating electrical enclosures, connectors, and components.

Food and Beverage Industry

Silicone rubber sheet with a 30° Shore hardness rating is approved for use in food and beverage processing applications, where cleanliness, durability, and compliance with food safety regulations are paramount.

HVAC Systems

Silicone rubber sheet is used in HVAC systems to create seals and gaskets that withstand temperature fluctuations and exposure to moisture.


General-purpose silicone rubber sheet (30° Shore) stands out as a reliable and versatile material for a wide range of industrial applications. Its unique combination of flexibility, temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and electrical insulation properties makes it indispensable across industries such as automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, and HVAC. With its ability to provide durable sealing and insulation solutions, this silicone rubber sheet variant continues to be a cornerstone in industrial manufacturing and engineering.

Silicone Rubber Sheet (30° Shore) Ideal for General Purpose Applications


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